Thursday, 2 December 2010

Arrows of Ilium Lace Bag

This lace bag was conceived while I was watching the film Troy. Whether or not you approve of the cavalier handling of the ancient epic, the film’s visuals are stunning: the gorgeous lapis-lazuli blues of the Trojans’ garments really struck a chord with me. So I designed this pouch: small and handy enough for everyday use, with a lace pattern evoking arrowheads and the contrasting colour blocks symbolising the two nations at war. It’s great for holding your knitting, a few necessary items or your copy of Homer. I named it Arrows of Ilium after the antique name for the ancient city.

This pattern is available to buy for £3 online: you can download the PDF from Ravelry or direct from here using PayPal. It's also available as a real-life copy exclusively from Sweet Clement at knitting shows.

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